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The Enterprise Collaboration Expert

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Covering a larger landscape of Collaboration

WorkApps helps in management of teams projects, tasks and workflows Single platform of all tools needed for Enterprise collobaration

Enterprise Collaboration

WorkApps Enterprise Chat App-Chat with multiple contacts

Secure Official
Employee Chat

Manage Remotely located and distributed teams using WorkApps Chat software

Mobile Workforce

WorkApps makes things simpler and helps in managing teams with ease

One place for ALL your Work

Tasks Lists
Project Management
Custom Workflows
Team Discussions
Enterprise Chat
File Manager
Performance Reports
Activity Notifications

All Features

Task Management that helps you do Everything

Task Management in WorkApps

Find your Tasks easily in
separate FOLDERS

Project management with Workapps

Create your own

Group your tasks with under Lists so that you can access it anytime and manage Tasks better

Use PROJECTS to work
with large teams

Effective Work Management by Prioritizing Tasks as Urgent & Important

Prioritize work using the

add a start date to your Tasks

Add Start & End Dates

Keep all of your Task related information like  comments, files, hours spent  and feedback in one place

Comment & Attach Files

Contact WorkApps using this email

Create Tasks from Email

Task Management- while closing a task add special comment

Review before Closing

For Better Task Management -Track  time spent on each task separately using WorkApps

Use Timesheets

Customize it the way you want

 best online task management app to customize your everyday work
Create your own
Add Custom Fields
to Tasks
Give Custom Status
to Workflows

Analyze your Work with Reports

Track individual employee performance without any  effort. Manage your project and teams using WorkApps

Individual Performance

Project Collaboration - Generate useful Reports for your project

Project Report

Know your project status and tasks which are overdue, pending, or due to start  with WorkApps

Task Completion

Assess time for project completion, determine the resources needed, and plan the order in which  tasks are to be completed, using Gnatt Chart by WorkApps

Gantt Chart

Advanced Reports with selection for People, Projects, Workflows and Dates


Discuss Projects, Brainstorm Ideas, Take Notes, Exchange Files and Media.

WorkApps is the best online collaboration tool that helps you brainstorm ideas & exchange files with discussions

File Manager

Store, upload and share Files from a single place.

File Manager by WorkApps is the most Effective Way to Organize Your Files and Folders online for team work

Your Own Official Chat

Specially designed for Large Enterprises, Distributed Teams & On-Field Employees

Key Components

Secured and Dedicated Chat, Add off payroll staff to your enterprise using WorkApps mobile app


Use WorkApps Memo to instantly send time sensitive notices to your whole team. Best features include Company Profile, Employee Profile & know employee status on the go
Google Maps integration with WorkApps


Use Google Maps to automate travel claims,Locate Employees  & mark attendance digitally. Manage your on-field teams

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The All in one collaboration platform

Works just like your In-house Collaboration Team

Work from anywhere using any device
  • Dedicated Development Team
  • Customized Feature Development
  • Feedback Based Enhancements
  • Employee Adoption and Handholding
  • Integrable with Legacy Systems


Free for Individual Users | 30 day Trial for Enterprises

WorkApps Full Suite

INR 499/-

user / month
(All Features)

WorkApps Organizer

INR 399/-

user / month
(Tasks, Projects, Discussions, File Manager)

WorkApps Chat

INR 99/-

user / month
(Chat, Memo, Phonebook)

Additional Features

Google Maps Services

INR 49/-

user / month
(GPS Locator, Trip Manager, Attendance)

Hosting Options

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WorkApps is the best collaboration tool which can also be hosted on cloud

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