Enterprise Grade Messaging Platform for Large Organizations

Host on your own server, multi layered security, Next level of group communication, AD integrated and Branded mobile apps.
Enterprise Grade Messaging Platform for Large Organizations
aws azure netmagic

Host in your own Cloud Account & have 100% data ownership

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • SimpliCloud – Netmagic

A specialized platform to improve Org wide communication

Why stick to just basic Group Chat, when you can use more?
Support groups, Broadcast messaging, Message using profile fields, One way broadcast etc.
specialized platform to improve organisation wide communication and collaboration
multiple use cases for banks insurance financial services mutual funds

Multiple use cases for Banks, Financial Services and Insurance sector

Video KYC, Credit Verification, Agent Messaging, Customer Support, VRM, Loan Advisory, Video MER, Broadcast Messaging

Messaging solution for Governments with Military Grade Security Features

Crypto chat with end to end encryption, SIM based access, auto destruction of messages and geo fencing
messaging solution for governments with military grade security features