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What is Notifications?
The Notifications are alerts that WorkApps sends to inform you about your work-related activities.
For which events will I receive Notifications?
You will receive Notifications when:
  1. A member assigns a Task to you
  2. A member Adds anything to a Task like Files, Followers, Instructions and comments etc.
  3. Someone changes the Due Date of a Task
  4. Someone adds Comments or posts marked to you
  5. A member Forwards a Task to someone else or changes the Doer
  6. A member Completes, Closes or Reopens a Task
  7. Someone shares a Folder or File with you
  8. A member Replaces or Deletes a Shared File
  9. A member includes you as a member of a Project
  10. A member Closes or Removes someone from the Project
  11. A member adds you as a participant in a Discussion
  12. A member adds a Post or File to a Discussion
  13. A member Closes a Discussion
  14. Someone invites you to join as a Contact
  15. Someone Accepts your Invitation and becomes a Contact
  16. A member selects a contact as Reporting Manager
How do I receive Notifications?
Let us consider that a Contact has created a Discussion "Marketing Strategy - Activities" using the New Discussion option under +New menu. The member then added you as a participant for that Discussion. You will now receive a Notification to that effect.
Image: Notification regarding starting a Discussion

Similarly, when you receive tasks where you are the Doer, you can take quick actions like accept/delete or closing them from the Notifications App itself. No need to go to that particular task details screen and then do the actions
Image: Accept or Reject a Task from Notifications

Please refer the "Accept or Reject a Task from Notifications" screen. Here, you have Notification that a task is assigned to you. You can directly Accept this task from the Notifications App itself.
You will receive similar such notifications for different events as provided in the list above.
How do other users receive Notifications from me?
Let us consider an example. When you create a task and assign it to your colleague, they get a Notification to that effect. They can then accept that task and continue working on it.
When I select Notifications, what is the All | Unread field provided on the Status Bar of WorkApps?
Notifications works for you in way where you get information about all the activities happening around your tasks, Discussions, projects, files & contacts.
Image: Notifications' Filters

WorkApps provides the All | Unread filter to sort your notifications. When you select the All filter, WorkApps displays all the notifications in order of their arrival without any sorting. You will then have a mix of all the unread as well as read messages.
Image: Unread and Read messages in Notifications

However, the unread messages are always greyed out so that you can trace them easily. The read messages have a white background. Please refer the "Notifications' Filters" screen given above in the 5th question to understand the difference.

Top notification is unread and the second one is already read

Notifications keep on getting added to the background even when you are not logged in to WorkApps. These are available to you as unread messages. If you select the Unread filter WorkApps displays only those notifications that are unread. This helps you to take quick decisions on your pending activities. Please refer the "Notifications' Filters" screen.
Can I Filter my Notifications as per Tasks, Projects, Discussions, and so on?
In addition to the All | Unread filter, you also have another filter comprising of the following sub-tabs to filter your notifications:
  1. Tasks – Notifications regarding changes done to different tasks.
  2. Comments – Notifications filtered as per comments or notes added.
  3. Files – Notifications indicating files added to tasks.
  4. Discussions – Notifications regarding changes to Discussions.
  5. Projects – Notifications regarding changes in Projects.
  6. Contacts – Notifications regarding to invitations accepted and received.
Can I sort my Notifications as per Tasks, Projects, Discussions, and so on?
Yes! Certainly!

  1. Please refer the "Notifications' Filters" screen once again.
  2. Image: Notifications' Filters

  3. Here you can see that there are a total of 33 notifications under the Notifications folder.
  4. When there is no filter selection done, all the sub-tabs are greyed out. In fact, when you select Notifications folder, these sub-tabs are grey by default.
  5. However, when you select a single tab or two tabs at a time, the selected tabs become green.
  6. When you select all the tabs, all the tabs become green as shown in the figure.
  7. Now, in the figure you can see that the Tasks sub-tab displays 18 notifications, Comments sub-tab displays 5 notifications and Files sub-tab displays 10 notifications.
  8. Other tabs, that is, Discussions, Projects and Contacts do not have any notifications.
  9. So, you can see that the filter has segregated the notifications as per their types.
  10. When you individually click on each of the sub-tabs, you can view notifications specific to that tab.
  11. At the same time, you can also select a combination of these filters.
  12. For example, you can select the Tasks sub-tab along with Files sub-tab. WorkApps accordingly displays notifications as per your combined selection.
  13. Here the Tasks sub-tab displays 16 notifications and the Files sub-tab displays 10 notifications.
  14. Image: Notifications when combination of filters is selected
  15. Now, Notifications displays a number equal to the total of sub-tabs unread notifications that you have selected.
  16. In a similar manner, you can also search notifications for selected dates.
  17. WorkApps displays notifications for the current date by default.
  18. If you click on the Calendar-icon, you can select previous dates to view older notifications.