WorkApps Chat - Your official conversations are encrypted

Integrated with Assign a task to nearby employee using google maps

Use this digital attendance app and track accurate attendance without having to an extra effort

Digital Attendance

  • Exact Address & Time is recorded at the click of a Button
  • Get complete Attendance Register in an Excel
  • Store Office addresses using Google Tags

Google Map View of Employees

  • Location with Distance from any Selected Point
  • View Multiple Employees at the same time
Know your employees physical location & assign nearby task in realtime
User GPS Locator to remotely manage your field teams

GPS Locator for Sales Team

  • Know the exact location of your on Field Employees
  • Pass customer leads in real time
  • Connect Customers to the Nearest Employee in Seconds
  • Send Alerts to Nearest Employees on Customer Requests

Automation of Travel Claims

  • Paperless - Shorter Approvals - Accurate Calculations - Happy Employees
  • Record the route & distance travelled with just a Start and Stop.
  • Download excel report of complete journeys
 Automated Travel Claims with Workapps Trip Manager -All your official trips in a single start-stop click
Secure your women employees by empowering them with WorkApps Chat App where they can keep their Family and Friends updated on their location with a simple URL

Women Employee Security

Women Employees can keep Family and Friends updated on their Location using a Simple Link.