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We also help you in Increasing Adoption

The great enterprise chat race- Have your own chat app with your branding

The Chat App with Your Brand

  • White Labeling ensures that Employees understand and relate to the App as the Official Company Chat App
  • Policies are best implemented with the Name of the Company
  • Best way to separate it from the clutter of other Apps

Instant Adoption with our Unique Desktop Application

  • Browser based Desktop Application
  • Install Remotely on Employee Laptops & Desktops
  • Loads on Startup with SSO and Auto Sign In
  • Restrict Closing / Killing the Application
  • Continue your Chat on Desktop and Mobile
  • Works on Windows, Mac and Linux
 Put your heads together using the unique WorkApps Chat Desktop App
Create groups and start a conversation OR just broadcast a message to all team members with a click of a button

Automatically Port your AD Groups into Group Chats

  • Get your Employees to start Chatting Instantly with Group Chats
  • No need to constantly Add or Remove Team Members
  • Have as many Employees as you want in your Group Chats

Direct Browser Chat linked from Email Signature

Share a link with guests to start a direct chat. It is as simple as that