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News Reader
Advanced Search
Employee Polls
Teams & Groups
Employee Attendance
Work Diary
Alert a Colleague when not in Office
Voice & Video Calling
Pass Profile to another Employee

Task & Projects

Gantt Chart
Schedule Tasks
Attach Files to Projects
Copy Project
Copy Task
Task Log
Task Workflows
Assign Task to Multiple Doers Together
Lock Due Date
Project Admin
Share a Task Outside
Project Reports
Project Live Date & End Date
Sub Tasks


Download Multiple Files Together
Star a Post
View a Specific Date
Save Discussion as PDF
Bullets, Numbering & Image Paste

File Manager

See Files from Chat, Discussions & Task in File Manager
List View of Files
Sort by Name, Type & Contact
Desktop Backup Plugin
Download Multiple Files Together
Share with Outside World

Profile & Contacts

View Contacts by Team, Peers, Seniors & Outsiders
Customize Profile Fields for Enterprise
Quick Add Tasks for any Contact
View Reporting Team in Profile
Employee Birthday Notifications
Contact Search by Profile & Role


Tasks Schedule
Holiday List
Company Events
Travel Plan
Employee Birthdays


Customize Notifications
More Admin Reports
Real Time Information Edit
Org Chart
Bullets & Numbering
Drag & Drop
Broadcast Messages to Employees