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Admin – Administrator role in WorkApps Enterprise Account

How to setup WorkApps Enterprise Account?

The WorkApps Enterprise Account provides additional capabilities to manage your organisation employees’ accounts & enterprise specific settings within WorkApps Account. The account when registered on WorkApps website is an individual account at first; need conversion to an "Enterprise" Account.

To convert to an enterprise account:

  1. The first pre-requisite is to activate the account by clicking on the activation link sent to your email inbox.
  2. Then go to Enterprise Tab in the Folder Menu in your WorkApps App.
  3. Follow the steps to complete the registration. Submit Account Name, Website. This will enable the Admin tab in the Folder menu on the left Panel. You are by default the Admin of your Enterprise Account. Don’t worry you can update it; make other admin as well at any time. You don’t need to enter any credit card OR Payment details.
  4. Add Departments & Sub-Departments, so that the employees can select them while updating their work profiles
  5. To enable certain features like Digital Attendance & Video Calling, go to Admin Tab->Settings-> Turn on the Features like
  6. Now upload the Emails of the employees for whom you want to create the WorkApps Accounts for. Go to Employees tab->download the template ->add all the emails in a single column & upload the .XLSX file. There are two types of employee accounts that you can create; Employees using mobiles OR Employees using Desktops. Upload them separately through different tab. The upload templates are available separately for download on the respective Sub tabs.

You are ready to evaluate the product with all the features, no restrictions period.

What is the WorkApps Admin Tab? What it is used for?

The Admin tab is enabled when an individual account is converted to WorkApps Enterprise Account. The conversion is free and available under an evaluation period. 2 pre-requisites to convert to an Enterprise Account; first Email action-click an activation link sent into your Email Inbox. Select Enterprise Tab and conversion to enterprise account.

The Admin(s) of the WorkApps Enterprise Account can only see this tab in their WorkApps Account. An admin can make an existing employee as an admin. Only admin can revoke some other Admin’s role. Self Admin Access cannot be revoked OR an employee cannot give himself Admin access on his own. There will always be one Admin in an Enterprise Account forever.

How to start using Admin Tab post Enterprise Conversion?

Bring employees on board would be the first thing to do. The organisation invitation happens in a linear fashion.

  1. Employees Emails are uploaded in bulk or one by one
  2. Email Invitations are sent to employees by the server
  3. Employee accepts the invitation & complete profile update
  4. Registered employees are pre-fed for all in the contact’s list
  5. Employees mark their Reporting Manager. This enables the Managers to see Employee specific reports like Attendance/Travel Register
  6. Admin can see and reprocess pending invitations for quick on-boarding of Mobile Chat Users only. Employees registered through Email will be seen in the contacts’ list only after they complete the registration process sent through Invitation link by their admin

What are the key tasks of a WorkApps Administrator?

Actions which an Admin can do in account

  1. Employee Level Configurations
    1. Invite Bulk OR one by one Employees into organisation Account for two types; Mobile Employee or a regular employee
    2. Make and Revoke Admin level permission of an existing employee.
    3. Enable Video Calling
  2. Enterprise level settings for
    1. Video Calling
    2. Guest Chat
    3. Location Services
    4. Allow Guest users to upload files in Guest Chat link conversations
    5. Allowing employee profiles to appear in Search Engine(Like Google & Bing) results
    6. Allow employees to share recorded videos publicly
    7. Allow “Single Conversation Page” to be shared with the Organisation’s registered employees.
  3. Enterprise Report Generation
    1. Monthly Attendance Report
    2. Employee Usage Summary Report

What should to using WorkApps Account?

Employees receive an invitation from their Organisation Admin accounts. Upon accepting it from their email inboxes;

  1. Create Employee Profile
  2. Update Reporting Manager
  3. Search for a contact in the List and then start conversations
  4. Create Chat Group & add people
  5. Create Public Guest Chat Link from profile
  6. Share Guest chat link with the external entities like customers, vendors, Search engines like Google & be found publicly to start chatting with them.

How do I report an issue or share a Feedback?

Feel free to send an email to with the details of your query. We will respond in next 24 working hours.

Why can’t I see my organisation employees in my WorkApps Contact’s List?

Check if the Organisation/individual invitation is accepted by the Contact or NOT. This can be confirmed by entering the Email Id from + New ->Contact Tab->Enter Email Id of the contact->Click on "View Profile" Button

How do I manage Guest Group Chat Links in my organisation?

To manage this settings in your organisation WorkApps Account go to ->Admin Tab->Settings Sub-tab-> Click on "Guest Chat" Button to enable OR disable this feature

How do I enable employees to Show their Profiles (Public Guest Chat Link) in Google Search Results?

To manage this settings for your organisation go to ->Admin Tab->Settings Sub-tab->Click on "Show Employee Profiles in Google Search Results" Button to enable OR disable this feature

I can’t see Admin Tab in my WorkApps Account?

Check with your organisation Admin. To know who your Organisation Admin has to go to -> Contacts Tab -> On the top you will see Admin Contacts with a Gear Icon -> send a request on a one to one chat. Speak to him for this permission.

An employee didn’t sget activation email and hence could NOT complete the Enterprise Conversion?

There can be multiple reasons for the invitation email NOT reaching your inbox. Follow these in order to double check the reason for:

  1. Search for the email in your inbox.
  2. Email filtered out to a SPAM Folder. Check the SPAM or Junk folder
  3. Organisation Security policy NOT allowing the Amazon SES to deliver it into your inbox. Request your Organisation’s Network team to change the filter on your organisation mail Client Server. Your System support or Network support team can take care of this.