WorkApps Chat - Your official conversations are encrypted

Most Secure Enterprise Chat

Secure Enterprise Chat App, Locate On Field Teams, Broadcast messages, Google Map Services, Automated Travel Claims, Attendance Tracking, Women Employee Security, Company Phonebook, Add Off Payroll Staff
  • Data under your Control
  • OWASP 2017 Compliant
  • Integration with MDM Apps and Enterprise Stores
  • Chat Restricted to Organization Employees only
  • Employee cannot Delete Messages
  • Data deleted from the Employee Phone on Exit
  • Data Stored in a Private Folder on Mobile
  • Restrict File Download on Mobile for Non MDM Users
  • Restrict adding Non Organization Users
  • Restrict Screenshots in Android
  • Disable Message forwarding to other Apps
  • Disable Copy Pasting of Messages from Mobile
  • Disable Copy Paste on Web
  • Disable Print on Web

Advanced Security Features (Optional)

  • Additional Pin or Password to operate the App
  • Data Encryption at Rest on Mobile and Server
  • Data Encryption Key on Mobile linked to an additional Pin
  • Hide Notifications on Mobile
  • Disallow Application to work on Rooted Phone
  • Delete Local Data after every (X) days
  • Delete Data on wrong Pin Entry
  • Disable Offline storage of Data
  • Restrict starting the App incase Phone Pin is not there
 Use WorkApps Chat, your own official Chat app, as an alternative to the unsecure Whatsapp application