About WorkApps

Download About WorkApps
1.4 MB
Corporate Profile and high level information about the Product, Offering and Team

Product Features

WorkApps Product Features
2.6 MB
Description of the Main Features of the Product and its high level use cases

Chat + Directory + Phonebook

WorkApps Chat Application with Phonebook
1.2 MB
How the Chat, Directory and Phonebook features help organisations with large and distributed teams

WorkApps for All Departments

WorkApps Supports department specific activities
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How various departments can use WorkApps for their processes and specific activities

Coming Soon in WorkApps

WorkApps Coming Soon features
1.7 MB
List of features that are under development and will be released in the next few months

WorkApps and Other Tools

WorkApps comparison with other tools
1.4 MB
Comparison of WorkApps and Other Tools wrt to features and multiple use cases

Setup an Enterprise Account

Setup Enterprise Account in Workapps
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Features, Functions and Settings that are available in the Administrator Panel of an Enterprise Account

Admin Functions in WorkApps

Admin Functions in WorkApps
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Step by Step guide to Setting up an Enterprise Account

WorkApps On Premise Requirements

Requirments for On Premise Deployment
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Requirements and Suggestions for an On Premises Deployment of WorkApps